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About us

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Kushberry Farms– Where good times grow. Kushberry Farms is a state-of-the-art greenhouse cultivation and production facility in North Las Vegas, NV. Our team of passionate growers obsess over producing the best tastes and smells each strain has to offer. We also have an addiction to regularly testing out new strains in our garden. Although it may seem like a hardship for cultivators to manage such a large menu, we know consumers want variety and so do we.

Unlike the many one-dimensional growers who are merely focused on THC levels, we craft our cannabis with an emphasis on maximizing terpene levels so that consumers experience the best of what cannabis has to offer. Our goal in the end is to produce the most approachable and flavorful cannabis on the market with aromas that stimulate your senses. When it comes to increasing terpene production, no light can offer what the sun can in terms of developing a plant under a full spectrum of light, so we use as much sunlight as possible in both our veg and flowering stages. Then, our “touchless” post-harvest drying, and curing allows for maximum terpene preservation. In the end, when our flower is consumed, you will not only taste and smell some of the best cannabis on the market, but you will experience the maximum euphoric effects and quickly be on your way to good times!

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